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Dr. Sulaiman Ladhani

Dr. Sulaiman Ladhani

Consulting Chest Physician

MD( Chest and Tuberculosis) with post graduate diploma in infectious diseases(UNSW)


Years of Practice: 

21 Years

Languages Spoken: 

English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi

OPD Timings:

only IPD

I am a distinguished Chest Physician with a remarkable career spanning over 21 years. My commitment to the betterment of healthcare extends far beyond clinical practice. I have held pivotal leadership roles, notably serving as the chairman of the Aga Khan Health Board in India and as the Secretary of the Maharashtra State Anti Tuberculosis Association. Additionally, I have been actively involved on several influential boards, including the Institutional Review Board at Prince Aly Khan Hospital and was on the Board of Directors. These leadership positions reflect my unwavering dedication to advancing healthcare and public health initiatives.

My profound expertise in Pulmonology and Tuberculosis has earned me recognition from the College of Physician and Surgeons, underscoring mastery in these critical areas of medicine. Furthermore, I serve as a distinguished teacher for the diploma in chest and tuberculosis, imparting his knowledge and experience to future generations of medical professionals. My active participation in significant clinical research projects has furthered the frontiers of respiratory medicine. My invaluable contributions have been duly acknowledged with prestigious awards, including the Mahatma Gandhi Gold Medal, recognizing my outstanding contributions to respiratory medicine and community health. I have also received man of excellence 2022-2023 by Indian Acheivers Forum. My enduring dedication to healthcare and research serves as a shining example of my commitment to the advancement of the fields of Respiratory Medicine and Tuberculosis.

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Areas of Expertise

As a Consulting Chest Physician specializing in Asthma, COPD, Tuberculosis, Interstitial Lung Disease, and sleep-related breathing problems, I routinely conduct bronchoscopies. I am an academically oriented recognized teacher with the College of Physicians and Surgeons and have supervised numerous publications and clinical research endeavors.

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Education & Fellowships

"Obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Infectious Diseases from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia.

Completed a Pediatric Respiratory Medicine course conducted by the European Respiratory Society in 2018.

Successfully finished the Edinburgh Sleep Medicine course in March 2018, accredited by the Royal College of Physicians of Scotland.

Completed a course on Thoracic Endoscopy for Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Staging in Marseille, France, under the guidance of Dr. Philips Astoulle in September 2015.

Successfully completed the European Respiratory Society (ERS) course on Interventional Pulmonology in October 2015.

Earned an MD in Chest and Tuberculosis in 2002."

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"Here's a rephrased version of the provided information:

- Holds a position as a Consulting Chest Physician at Saifee Hospital, Wockhardt, and Masina Hospital.
- Served as Chairman of the Aga Khan Health Board in India from 2014 to 2018.
- Acted as Secretary of the Maharashtra State Anti-Tuberculosis Association for three years, operating under the patronage of the Governor and Chief Minister of Maharashtra.
- Serves as a Member of the Institutional Review Board (Ethics Committee) at Prince Aly Khan Hospital and is a Governing Board Member (Board of Directors) at the same institution.
- Previously served as Director of Aga Khan Health Service India from 2004 to 2012.
- Held the position of Chairman of the hospital-based Local Authorization Committee and the Brain Stem Death Committee at Prince Aly Khan Hospital.
- Formerly served as the Head of the Department of Pulmonology at Prince Aly Khan Hospital.
- Accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) and recognized as a teacher for the Diploma in Chest and Tuberculosis.
- Currently sits on the Editorial Board of medical and research publications in the UK since 2021 and has authored 10 publications in indexed journals and conducted 10 clinical trials.

Membership affiliations include:
- Indian Chest Society
- European Respiratory Society
- American Thoracic Society
- Indian Society of Respiratory and Critical Care.

Member of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC).

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Awards & Honours

"- Honored and presented with the Mahatma Gandhi Gold Medal on October 2nd, 2014, in recognition of exceptional contributions to Respiratory Medicine, Community Health, and Research.
- Acknowledged as a Man of Excellence for the years 2022-2023 by the Indian Achievers Forum."

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