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Patient Rights

Healthcare is a partnership in which patients and doctors have reciprocal obligations. Trust and transparency between patients and doctors are essential elements of this healing relationship

We respect you, as a person, acknowledge your moral right to bodily integrity and self-determination and hereby pronounce our commitment to the following rights:

  • Your right to ethical and fair treatment.

  • Your right to privacy during examination, procedure and treatment.

  • Your right to information regarding your health, diagnosis and treatment and the approximate costs involved in the same.

  • Your right to participation in decisions taken about the treatment undertaken and medication used, from the range of options available.

  • Your right to confidentiality regarding your health issues and all other information to non-discrimination even in case of HIV infection.

  • Your right to giving a suitable, informed consent before any surgical procedure.

  • Your right to receive a documented summary of the treatment received and access to records pertaining to your treatment.

  • Your right to competent treatment is to have us promise you that we  keep our knowledge and are updated with developments in our specialty to the best of our ability.

  • Your right to be protected against physical abuse & protection.

  • Your right to voice a complaint directly to your treating doctor / Administrator.

  • Your right to go for a second opinion at your own risk whenever you wish.

  • We respect your social rights.

While offering you these rights we also expect from you the following commitments:

  • That you share with us truthful and complete information regarding your health.

  • That you comply with our advice for investigation, treatment and inform us of any intention to act otherwise.

  • That you keep in mind the dignity and self-respect of your doctors and be sensitive with your demands on their time.

  • That you settle the predetermined fees of your treatment on time.

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