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Inpatient Care

Explore the rejuvenated Inpatient Department (IPD) at Masina Hospital, offering a diverse range of 270 beds, including options in Economy, Twin Sharing, and Single Room Occupancy. Our revamped facilities prioritize patient privacy, comfort, and support, essential elements for a swift recovery. Our dedicated staff takes pride in delivering exceptional care.

A Holistic Approach

The Intensive Care Units, covering Neonatal, Medical, Surgical, and Cardiac needs, are fully equipped to handle critical cases. Supervised by esteemed panel consultants, resident support staff, and our skilled nursing team, these units ensure comprehensive care. The renowned Burns Ward, with its own dedicated Operation Theatre and Intensive Care Units, provides specialized services.


Our independent Mental Health and Wellness facility features designated areas for Day Care, Rehabilitation, Counselling, and Inpatient rooms, aligned with the latest standards of the Mental Health Act.


Complementing our medical professionals, our Support Team includes Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Diagnosticians, and Counsellors. Patient meals, prepared under the supervision of our Dietitians, are tailored to individual requirements. At Masina Hospital, we are committed to enhancing your inpatient experience with top-notch medical care and personalised attention.

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Masina Hospital In Patient Facilities (IPD) are present in Kharas Memorial Centre (Building #1) 2nd Floor; general wards, economy multi-sharing beds, labour rooms and paedeatric wards (NICU and PICU), Bai Serenebai Banaji Memorial Nursing Home (Building #2) on the Second Floor (Economy Plus) and Third Floor (Deluxe Rooms) and in the Moos Memorial Center (Building #7) on the First Floor (Parsi Ward/ Ward 1, Parsi Special rooms), Second and Third Floor (Psychiatry Male & Female Ward/  and Special Rooms)

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