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120 years of Undying Excellence

Legacy of Masina

Masina Hospital Trust has an illustrious history and goodwill that spans across generations. We are known for our deep historical connection to Mumbai city and as a venerable institution with over a century of service and compassion at our core. Here is our story of faith and compassion.

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Our journey commenced over 120 years ago, in a modest establishment that laid the foundation for what we are today. Dr. Hormusji Manekji Masina, a distinguished figure in the medical community, achieved the prestigious Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1898. His vision was to create a haven for the marginalized in society, a place where they could receive quality healthcare.

In 1902, this vision took tangible form as a small hospital with just four patients, nestled on Clare Road in Byculla. The seeds of compassion sown here soon bore fruit, as within five years, we acquired adjacent buildings to expand our capacity to accommodate over a hundred patients.

Dr. Hormusji Manekji Masina had a vision to create a haven for the marginalized in society, a place where they could receive quality healthcare.

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Recognizing the need for a more structured approach, Dr. Masina, alongside prominent individuals, established a trust. This step ensured the prudent management of funds generously contributed by the public. On September 8, 1907, the trust was formed, with notable trustees such as Sir Shapurji Burjorji Bharucha, Jehangir Novroji Gamadia, and Merwanji Nusserwanji Wadia.

Our roots are deeply intertwined with the city's healthcare history. As one of the earliest private medical institutions in Bombay, we were founded in 1902. In 1907, Dr. Masina acquired Sans Souci, meaning "without a care," and its expansive grounds from the Sassoon family for the hospital's benefit. Today, this building stands as a recognized heritage structure.

Dr. Masina and his wife Jerbai made the hospital into a 150- bed facility &  proposed a postgraduate Medical College and the Lady Broacha college of Nursing.

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 Over the years, Masina Hospital has weathered two pandemics, the Spanish flu in 1918 and, a century later, COVID-19. We take pride in pioneering numerous medical advancements, not only for the city but for the entire nation.

In our centenary year, we were fortunate to construct a modern facility, thanks to the benevolence of our trustees, consultants, and the public. The journey of advancement continues, and we owe our enduring legacy to the vision and benevolence of Dr. Hormasji and Jerbai Masina.
Masina Hospital Trust, the first and oldest healthcare institution in Mumbai, is steeped in history and goodwill that has transcended generations. Our sole location in Byculla, South Mumbai, remains dedicated to providing healthcare solutions to all, upholding the principles that have guided us for over a century.

Dr. Ardeshir’s elder brother Dr. Maneck headed the hospital till 1949 after which his sister Dr. Miss. Mehroo H. Masina took over till 1966.

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