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Dr. Swapnil Binayke

Dr. Swapnil Binayke

Head of Anesthesia Department



Anaesthesia and Pain Management

Years of Practice: 

20 Years

Languages Spoken: 

English, Hindi, Marathi

OPD Timings:

only IPD

Dr. Swapnil Binayke, an esteemed figure in the field of anesthesia, has dedicated over 20 years to advancing the realm of pain management and anesthesia. With a rich educational background, including an M.D. in Anaesthesia and a Fellowship in Pain Management and Palliative Care (SIPP), Dr. Binayke's expertise is highly regarded.

As the Head of Department of Anaesthesia at Masina Hospital since 2004, Dr. Binayke has demonstrated proficiency in a myriad of specialized areas. Notably, their adeptness in applying Epidural Analgesia, navigating complex airway scenarios, and managing obstetric emergencies like Placenta previa/accreta has been pivotal in ensuring patient safety and comfort.

Dr. Binayke's skill set extends to performing regional blocks, administering labor analgesia, and utilizing techniques such as Induced Hypotension for procedures like Spine instrumentation. Their familiarity with advanced tools like the fiberoptic bronchoscope underscores their commitment to staying at the forefront of medical innovation.

Beyond clinical practice, Dr. Binayke is a recognized teacher for CPS and DNB, embodying a commitment to knowledge dissemination and mentorship within the medical community. Their legacy as a compassionate caregiver and a dedicated educator continues to inspire and impact countless lives.

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Areas of Expertise

"Proficient in the application of Epidural Analgesia.
Adept in navigating challenging airway scenarios commonly found in complex oropharyngeal oncological surgeries.
Extensive experience in handling intricate obstetric emergencies, such as Placenta previa/accreta.
Familiar with the technique of Induced Hypotension necessary for procedures like Spine instrumentation.
Skilled in performing regional blocks (Supraclavicular/axillary/Brachial).
Experienced in administering Labour analgesia
Experience with the use of fibreoptic bronchoscope and
blind intubations.

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Education & Fellowships

"1. M.D. in Anaesthesia
2. Fellowship in Pain Management and Palliative Care (SIPP)"

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"With over 20 years of extensive experience, serving as a consultant anesthesiologist at Masina Hospital since 2004."

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Awards & Honours

1. Recognized teacher for CPS and DNB.

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